The Breaking the Rules Series is Here!!!

Only a Kiss, book one in my brand new forbidden romance series is now live. Do not miss this absolutely NSFW story.

What you'll get:

Best friend's dad

Age gap

Dirty talking hero

Forbidden romance

Masquerade ball

No cheating

Scenes that will set your panties on fire*

*No guarantee that it'll set your panties on fire, but it's so hot anything is possible.

How my books are connected...

Ever wondered how all my series are interconnected? Or looking for a specific trope? Check out this graphic.

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Meet the Author

Hey, I’m Cadence, your friendly, neighborhood romance writer. By day, I look like an average frazzled mom of two toddlers who rarely does her hair (a mom bun totally counts, right?). By night, I let my imagination fly and write steamy scenes that have taken several of my closest friends by major surprise. I love writing heartfelt stories with relatable characters and a guaranteed happily ever after. Thanks for checking out my books!

  • "Cadence Keys is one of my all-time favorite authors who knows how to put together a truly enjoyable, exceedingly hot, and emotionally charged story that you will wish did not end."

    -Goodreads review, Defending the Backfield

  • "she always manages to capture the raw intensity of these situations without overdoing it or making it gratuitous. nor are these circumstances exploited as plot devices. instead, she gives them a nuanced edge that feels genuinely authentic and heartfelt."

    -Goodreads review, Promised Intent

  • "Cadence Keys is an amazing author and writer and her books are definitely worth reading and you will not be disappointed."

    -Goodreads review, Taking the Handoff