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Promised Intent: A Fake Relationship Rock Star Romance (Signed Paperback)

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She once made me a promise and now I intend to hold her to it. 

I never meant for my life to turn out this way–to be the guy who ruins everything he touches and sacrifices everything and everyone who matters to him for my next high. It’s been two years since I hit rock bottom, but my band family still hovers over me like I’m a burden they have to bear, and I’m sick of it.

So when my long lost childhood best friend, Melrose Fletcher, becomes our new tour manager, an idea forms in my head. One that’ll serve to get the guys to relax around me, and will also keep me accountable on tour.

I’m certain she’ll shut me down when I proposition her to be my fake girlfriend on the tour, so I pull the only card I’ve got left–the promise we made to each other before our worlds, and our friendship, fell apart.

What started out as pretend now feels like the realest thing I’ve ever experienced. But does a guy like me really deserve a happily ever after?

Promised Intent is a steamy ex-childhood best friends/fake relationship rock star romance. It is the final book in the Rapturous Intent Series.

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