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Forbidden Intent: An Age Gap Rock Star Romance (Signed Paperback)

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She’s the forbidden fruit who is tempting me to risk it all. 

I shouldn’t want Tamsin Cross for three very obvious reasons: she’s eighteen, inexperienced, and worst of all, our producer’s daughter. But from the first moment I saw her she drew me in. 

Now I’m forced to see her every time we’re in the studio recording our latest album, and every day I come closer to cracking. 

Until I do. 

And if I thought my imagination of kissing her, touching her, loving her was powerful–it’s nothing compared to the real thing. 

Our relationship might be forbidden, but I’ll put it all on the line for her. 

Forbidden Intent is a steamy age gap, forbidden romance and the second book in the Rapturous Intent Rockstar Series. It is best if it’s read after book one, but it can be read as a standalone. 

Content Warning: This book contains mentions of sexual assault and recovery, drug abuse, overdose, and sudden death. 

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