Welcome to the LA Wolves

Meet the players of the LA Wolves football team...and the women that bring them to their knees.

These hot jocks own the football field, but they fumble in their relationships. Can they dodge the obstacles in their path to get the ultimate touchdown...their happily ever after?

Find out in this binge-worthy series...but you might want to turn the AC on because it's about to get steamy!

  • He was my first love and my greatest heartbreak. Now he's my new assignment.

    When my new boss assigns me to get an exclusive interview from Jack Fuller - a first from the notoriously private quarterback - he has no idea that what he's really asking me is to face the man who shattered my heart nine years ago. The man who'd been my best friend for years before he became the love of my life. I thought we'd get married, but instead, when my dad got a new job and we had to relocate across the country, he broke up with me.

    Now we're face to face again for the first time in nine years, and he's telling me letting me go is his biggest regret. He's determined to win me back, and now I'm no longer worried about keeping my heart safe from him, but how to keep him safe from my conniving editor.

  • From the moment we met, there was a spark like nothing I'd ever felt before. Too bad, Will Edmonson is the definition of hot and cold.

    I've mostly ignored the chemistry that always arches between Will and me, but then I get a job offer that moves me to the same city he lives in. I can no longer deny that I want more with this quiet and moody wide receiver.

    But then I find out why he's always holding himself back and suddenly I'm wondering if I can compete with the ghost of the fiance he lost, or if I should cut my losses and wait until I'm someone's first choice. Except, now my heart's involved and it might be too late.

  • I'm the coach's daughter and he's the team playboy. It's a recipe for disaster, but then one round of hate sex leads to an arrangement that I never saw coming.

    Manwhore Matt Fischer is the last man I should want to be around. But when I find out my fiance was cheating on me with our wedding planner, I'm determined to have a fling and finally do something for myself.

    Enter Matt. He's the definition of no-strings attached and perfect for what I need. But in between our sex sessions, I get to know him, and he's nothing like I imagined. Now, I'm falling for the one man I can never have, not without driving a rift between my family, and that's one risk I don't think I can take.

  • He's my brother's best friend, my lifelong crush, and now, my new roommate.

    I've been secretly in love with Luke Carter my entire life, but he never saw me as anything more than Drew's adorkable little sister.

    But I'm not that awkward girl anymore. And after my new apartment in LA falls through, Luke let's me stay with him as a favor to my brother. For the first time, though, there's something in his eyes that makes me think he's struggling to see me as just Drew's sister.

    A moment of weakness leads to both of us crossing the line and I finally get everything I've ever wanted. But I can't help worrying that Luke will ultimately choose my brother over me.

  • I'm on the run from my abusive ex and losing hope when a chance encounter with hulking football player, Gabe Romero, changes the trajectory of my life in ways I never imagined.

    I was out of options when I accepted a job from a stranger I just met, but despite Gabe's large size, he has a way of disarming me, which isn't easy after all I've been through. He's a gentle giant, and the more I get to know him while I work as his housekeeper, the more I start to fall for the big softie.

    When he finally convinces me to take a leap of faith, I fall hard, knowing he won't let me fall. But my ex is still hunting me, and he's closer than either of us knew. When I'm pictured with Gabe, I know it's only a matter of time before my ex finds me. Do I leave to protect the man who's shown me what real love should be like, or do I stay and hope he can keep me safe?


    When my firefighter brother tragically died on the job, I went scorched earth on my life, which included breaking up with the man I was sure I was going to marry.

    But Daniel's not willing to give up on me that easily.

    Can I push aside my fears and work through my grief to finally get my happily ever after or will I burn it all down in a lame attempt to protect my heart?

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