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Taking the Handoff


When my best friend asked me if his little sister could crash at my place until she got her feet under her in LA, I was not prepared for the vixen that showed up at my door, suitcase in hand, looking NOTHING like the girl I remember. Now, she’s strutting around our place in the skimpiest shorts and tightest tank tops I’ve ever seen and I’ve never taken so many cold showers in my life. I’m trying to behave, I really am, but the longer she stays here, the more tempted I am to take her and make her mine. 


I’ve been desperately in love with Luke Carter since I was eight years old, but he only ever looked at me like Drew’s adorkable little sister. To be fair, I was. But I’m not that awkward girl anymore. Now, I’m a woman on a mission – not just to make my dreams of becoming a singer come true, but also to make Luke Carter see what’s been right in front of him this whole time. But the closer we get, and the harder I fall, the more I wonder if he’ll ever be able to choose me over his loyalty to my brother.

Taking the Handoff is a steamy standalone sports romance. It is book four in the LA Wolves series.

Releasing September 2, 2021

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