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In the Grasp: A Second Chance Romance


He was my first love and my greatest heartbreak. Now he’s my assignment. 

I’ve worked too hard to get my dream job at the largest paper on the west coast, and I won’t let Jack Fuller, the league’s most notoriously private quarterback ruin this chance for me. But the moment we lock eyes, all those old feelings come rushing back in a way I’m completely unprepared for and instead of holding onto my hurt, I find myself giving him another chance. 

When I push back against writing  the article, my bosshole editor threatens to get what he wants, one way or another. The only way I can protect Jack is to spin the story myself. Will Jack be able to forgive me when I tell him what I’ve done? 


A reporter and an extremely private quarterback shouldn’t mix, but she’s not just any reporter—she’s my ex and the only woman I’ve ever loved. 

Paige O’Malley has owned my heart since I was sixteen years old, but I was a dumb, cowardly kid and let her go when things got hard. Now she’s here and I know I only have one chance to win her back. I refuse to lose her again. 

Until I’m blindsided by an article I never saw coming and suddenly I question if any of it was real or if she was just using me for a story the entire time. 

In the Grasp is the first steamy standalone contemporary sports romance in the LA Wolves series. 

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Across the Middle: A Second Chance at Love Romance


From the moment I laid eyes on Gina Rodrigo, she twisted my whole world on its axis. For months I refused to give into the feelings she evoked in me. I’d gone down that road before and it led nowhere good. But one kiss changed everything and I couldn’t fight my feelings anymore. Except she doesn’t know my secret and the deeper we get, the more the ghosts of my past threaten to ruin the first true happiness I’ve ever found. 


Living in San Francisco was my saving grace from the feelings that plagued me every time I was in the same room as Will Edmonson. Our chemistry was insane, but he always pulled away before we got the chance to explore it. Until I got offered a job with my best friend in LA and he finally kissed me. Now I’m falling harder than I ever have, but he’s got ghosts in his past and the more I get to know him, the more I worry I can never compete with the true love he already lost. 

Across the Middle is the second steamy standalone sports romance in the LA Wolves Series.

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Down by Contact: An Enemies to Lovers Romance


I’m a playboy–a modern-day Casanova. I don’t love women, I just make their orgasm dreams come true. She’s the coach’s daughter and the ultimate ice princess–always cold, composed, and spoiled. We have nothing in common, until she makes a proposition I can’t turn down. I’m only human after all, and she’s hot. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just sex.


I’ve always done what’s expected of me, but when the rug gets ripped out from under my so-called “perfect” life, I decide to finally do something for myself. He’s cocky and a total manwhore, but despite my initial objections, I can’t deny that the idea of using him to enhance my experience in the bedroom is an appealing one. I make him an offer I expect him to scoff at but he doesn’t. Now I’m questioning everything. 

Down by Contact is a steamy standalone sports romance. It is book three in the LA Wolves series. 

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Taking the Handoff: A Brother's Best Friend Romance


When my lifelong best friend asked me if his little sister could crash at my place until she got her feet under her in LA, of course I said yes. I’d do anything for Drew. But I was not prepared for the vixen that showed up at my door looking NOTHING like the girl I remember. Now, I’m falling for the one woman who’s completely off-limits to me. I’m trying to behave, I really am, but the longer she stays here, the more tempted I am to take her and make her mine. 


I’ve been desperately in love with Luke Carter for most of my life, but he only ever looked at me like Drew’s adorkable little sister. To be fair, I was. But I’m not that awkward girl anymore. Now, I’m a woman on a mission - not just to make my dreams of becoming a singer come true, but also to make Luke Carter see what’s been right in front of him this whole time. 

But the closer we get, and the harder I fall, the more I wonder if he’ll ever be able to choose me over his loyalty to my brother. 

Taking the Handoff is a steamy standalone sports romance. It is book four in the LA Wolves series. WARNING: This book contains a scene with sexual assault. Read at your own discretion. 

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Scorched Turf: A Brother's Best Friend/Second Chance Romance

As the first female defensive line coach for the LA Wolves, I excel at not letting small things bother me and being able to see the big picture. But when tragedy struck five months ago, I went scorched earth on my life and cut off anyone who could remind me of what I’d lost–including the love of my life and my brother’s best friend, Danny. 

But Danny’s not ready to give me up without a fight. Can I let down my defenses when his job as a firefighter scares the crap out of me? I’ve already lost my brother. I won’t survive going through that again with Danny. How can I possibly be the partner he needs when I can’t get over my fear? 

Scorched Turf is a steamy novella in the LA Wolves series and can be read as a standalone. This ebook is ONLY available from the Cadence Keys store. If you find it anywhere else, it is stolen (please report to

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Defending the Backfield: A Romantic Suspense Sports Romance


I’m living the high life as one of the best defensive backs in professional football. During a night out I lock eyes with the mysterious waitress at the bar, and I’m instantly drawn to her. So, when I’m inadvertently responsible for her losing her job, the defender in me does the first thing I can think of–I offer her a job and rent-free housing in my pool house. Falling in love with the woman of my dreams is just a perk. When her past catches up to her, our relationship is put at risk. It's my job to defend the backfield, but will she let me defend her too?


I’m on the run from my abusive ex and quickly running out of options when one chance encounter with hulking football player, Gabe Romero, results in an opportunity too good to turn down. With his offer comes safety and more money than I’d ever make slinging drinks at dingy dive bars. The last thing I expected was to fall in love with him and experience a passion I never knew existed. But I should’ve known this kind of happiness could never last. When my ex finds me, I’m left with only two options: run and keep Gabe safe, or stay and fight for my happily ever after. 

Defending the Backfield is a steamy football romance. It is book five in the LA Wolves series and can be read as a standalone. 

Content Warning: This book contains discussions of past domestic violence. 

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tablet with ebook cover of after the snap by cadence keys

After the Snap: A Best Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating Sports Romance

I finally get the nerve to tell my best friend I’m in love with him and he has the audacity to ask me to be his fake girlfriend. 


I’ve been secretly in love with my best friend, Dom, for years, but after his latest scandal, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep letting him take advantage of our friendship…or breaking my heart every time I have to watch him hook up with some model or actress or [insert any woman who’s not me here]. I’m done. But Dom’s stubborn, and when I try to end our friendship, he won’t hear it, until I confess the secret I’ve held onto for dear life. 

Instead of responding like I expect him to, he has the nerve to try to convince me to be his fake girlfriend for a PR stunt to clean up his image. 



When I come over to my best friend’s house to convince her to be my fake girlfriend, the last thing I expect is for her to tell me she’s in love with me. I may act fast on the football field, but when it comes to my personal life, I’m a guy who needs time to process. But I know one thing with certainty: I can’t lose Laney. When I’m forced to face the feelings I’ve ignored for years, I start seeing all the ways I’ve let her down, and worse, made her feel like she’s not the most important person in my world. 

I have six months to convince her to not give up on me. 

Six months to show her I’m not going to keep letting her down anymore. 

Six months to prove to her I love her as much as she loves me. 

Because losing her would be cutting my own heart out, and that’s not an option. 

After the Snap is a steamy best friends to lovers standalone sports romance. It is book six in the LA Wolves Football series. 

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