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Just for Tonight (PAPERBACK)

Just for Tonight (PAPERBACK)

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It was only supposed to be a hot, anonymous hookup.


I wanted one night after years in a dry spell to let loose and do something reckless. 


But the hot guy from the bar who unlocked kinks I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d like, let alone love, turns out to be not so anonymous. Nope. He’s my new step-brother. 


What’s worse is now he’s everywhere. Coming home from a coffee run? He’s there. Fun, afternoon barbecue my uncle holds for his family and coworkers? He’s there. Because of course the infuriatingly attractive jerk would get a job with my uncle’s company.


Oh yeah, and we also can’t seem to stop hooking up. 


We keep saying it’s just for tonight, but I’m starting to worry one more night will never be enough. 


Just for Tonight is a steamy forbidden, stepbrother romance. If you don't like a dirty talking hero who pushes his woman's boundaries, then you absolutely should NOT read this book.




Main Tropes

  • One-night stand
  • Stepbrother
  • Forbidden

Read Chapter 1

Rule 1: Don’t have sex with a stranger in a bar bathroom


I threw the shot back and then slammed the glass down on the counter, wincing at the bartender’s stern glare. Yeah, breaking a shot glass was not on the agenda tonight.

I was here to get laid.

To have a one-night stand to be more precise.

And I’d never needed liquid courage more in my life.

If my best friend, Sadie, was here, she’d tell me I didn’t need to go through with this, but she didn’t understand. She was blissfully in love. With my dad, of all people.


No, she didn’t understand at all.

She didn’t understand what it was like to date a guy for four years—the same guy you gave your virginity to—thinking he was going to be the man you marry only for him to dump you and then start dating someone else a week later. She didn’t
know what it was like to go years without sex like I now had. She didn’t question her bedroom skills like I did or ache for something, unable to articulate what that something actually was.

All I knew was that sex with Peter had been…okay, but I was pretty sure sex was
supposed to be better than okay. It was supposed to be toe-curling, mind-blowing, life-altering. I wanted passion, adventure, a fucking orgasm from penetration for fuck’s sake.

I shook my empty shot glass at the bartender, and he came over and poured another with a slight arch of his dark brow. He was attractive, but I’m pretty sure he could tell I was a train wreck waiting to happen.

I was here to make bad choices, and I was worried it showed all over my face.

Not that I thought one-night stands were bad choices for everyone. I just didn’t think they were for me, but what the fuck did I know? I’d been with the same guy, the only guy, for four years, and then abstinent for another two while working on getting my veterinary degree—something else that hit my confidence hard.

Maybe I was about to discover that I was a one-night stand pro.

It was possible.

I tipped the glass back, swallowing down the liquid and relishing in the warm tingle as it went down my throat. With the effects of the alcohol starting to
firm up my resolve, I spun on the barstool and perused my options.

Before I had a chance to look for more than a few seconds, my phone buzzed in my purse, which I could feel against my leg. I dug in my bag and glanced at the screen only to roll my eyes and toss it back in. It was my mother and I couldn’t deal with her right now. I was on a mission and didn’t need to hear about her new husband—who I’d never met because she’d been with him less than a

I doubted he’d last long enough that it would even be worth my time to meet him in the first place, but I’d reluctantly promised to have brunch with them tomorrow morning. That was all she was getting from me. My mother stole enough
of my peace on a daily basis; I wasn’t about to let her ruin tonight when I’d finally gotten enough courage to pursue an anonymous hookup.

But my mom was tomorrow’s problem. Tonight I needed to stay focused on my mission. There was a group of polo-wearing dude bros throwing flirty glances at a group of

Hard pass.

They all looked too much like my classic boy-next-door ex. Sadie had said I needed
someone different and she was right.

Different was exactly what I needed.

So, I focused on guys with dark hair, which was about the time prickles climbed the back of my neck—the good kind, the kind that held promise and possibility. I glanced to my right, and there at the end of the bar was a man who immediately made my stomach knot and my lady bits tingle.

His hair was cut close to his scalp—a military cut if I ever saw one. His dark eyes watched me with hunger as he held a glass of amber liquid close to his lips before the right side of his mouth tilted up ever so slightly in the cockiest
smirk I had ever seen. He tossed what was left of his drink back in one gulp, then gently placed it down on the counter and stood from his stool. His walk was filled with confidence and swagger, and each step closer made my panties wetter.

This was a man who exuded sex, but it was the confidence which bordered on cocky
that made excitement thrum in my belly.

This man.

He was exactly the kind of man who would excel at an anonymous hookup. I bet he
was a pro at unattached sex.

I stayed in my seat, even though I had to actively fight my body’s desire to fidget under his penetrating gaze. His dark brown eyes slid down my body before sliding back up, and I held my breath. For a moment, my determination wavered.

What if he found me lacking?

What if I was cold and boring like Peter had implied?

What if I was bad at sex?

By the time he reached me, my posture had withered slightly, and the knots in my stomach were no longer from desire, but from trepidation.

His eyes narrowed as he reached me and then that cocky smirk grew.

“Don’t get shy on me now, darlin’.”

Oh my God, heaven help me, he had an accent. His thick southern twang came out
smooth as butter and melted all my unease. Fuck me, but I was a sucker for a man with an accent.

If he called me sugar, I might fall off this stool.

He moved in closer, his lips grazing my ear. “Whatever’s goin’ on in that head of yours, I can fuck it out of you.”

God, he was bold. And maybe for another woman it would be a turnoff, but for me, it was exactly what I needed.

With a surge of adrenaline, I pulled back enough to make eye contact. “Is that a promise?”

His eyes flared with heat, and any hesitancy I had evaporated.

“Oh, darlin’, you bet your fine ass it is.”

“And how are you gonna do that?” I didn’t know who I was right now, but I was thankful for this playful boldness that was so completely out of character for me.

That smirk made another appearance and he glanced around the room, his gaze locking on something to our left. I followed his line of sight to the sign for the restrooms.

“You game?”

Stealing some of his confidence, I slid off my stool, grazing his body in the process, and then walked straight to the bathrooms. I didn’t glance behind me, and there was a chance he was just standing by the bar watching me look like a complete fool, but I was going to trust my gut on this one.

I pushed open the door of the women’s bathroom which was blessedly empty. The door had barely shut when it opened again and he came inside, closing it and flipping the lock. His dark eyes stared me down, and he shook his head slowly
before rubbing his hand along his sharp, chiseled jaw.

“You’re unexpected, ya know that?”

“Good unexpected?” I asked, thankful my voice didn’t quiver and reveal how out of my depth I was.

His gaze locked on mine as he closed the distance between us. He wrapped his hand
around the back of my neck. “Oh yeah.”

And then his lips were on mine. He kissed me like he’d already commanded every private part of my body, like he knew me intimately. It was a kiss that
demanded submission. His lips were firm and his tongue rough as he pushed it into my mouth. I accepted it willingly, a moan escaping as my knees shook from the pure possession of his kiss.

My fingers gripped his forearms, holding him tightly, still afraid this was a dream and he was going to pull back any moment.

This was the single best kiss of my life, and there was no way I was letting him pull away now.

But pulling away appeared to be the last thing on his mind. Instead, he growled, gripping my thighs and lifting me up. My legs automatically wrapped around his waist as we crashed against the wall. One of his hands moved under my ass to
continue holding me as he ground his thick, hard length against where I wanted him most. The other came up and held my throat, gripping ever so slightly—not enough to hurt, but enough for me to know he was in charge.

I should’ve been surprised, or maybe alarmed—no man had ever done that to me before—but instead, my clit throbbed and my panties were soaked.

“Lift up that skirt for me, darlin’, and show me that pussy I’m dying to get inside.”

I moaned, my hips gyrating against his with a nearly uncontrollable urge. It felt
so good to rub against the seam of his jeans. But I was also eager to feel him, so I unwrapped my hands from his neck and shimmied my skirt up as he held me firmly between his body and the wall.

We both looked down at the wet spot on the front of his jeans where I’d been grinding against him.

“Fuck, you are perfect,” he said, his voice so ragged my confidence soared.

I did that to him.

“Wanna taste?”

He growled again before slamming his lips on mine in a punishing kiss. “You’re goddamn right I want a taste.”

With a gentleness that was unexpected from his gruff demeanor, he set me on my feet before squatting down and pulling my panties to the side. In the next breath, his lips were sucking on my pussy lips, and my hands were holding on to his head for dear life as I fought against the loud moan threatening to escape.

Oh my God.

My thighs shook as he worked his magic with his tongue. Then he slid one long finger inside my tight channel, and stars burst across my vision as my legs tightened and my body convulsed against his mouth.

Through the haze of my mind-bending orgasm, I heard him moan against my pussy before
pulling back. My breath caught at the way his lips glistened with my juices. I didn’t think the sight had ever been sexy before, but on this guy it was.

He pushed a second finger inside me, then a third, stretching me wide, and then
placed a kiss on my clit—a kiss that was more tender than I expected from a man like him.

“Your taste is dangerous, darlin’, and fucking addictive. I could bury my head in this sweet pussy all night.”

Yes, please.

His gaze lit with mirth, and that cocky smirk made another appearance. Oh shit, did I say that out loud?

He stood up and adjusted the thick length in his pants before pinning me in place with his hot gaze.

“I’m not done with you by a long shot, but I can’t do all the things I want to do to this hot little body in a bar bathroom. Your place or mine, Sugar?”

Oh for fuck’s sake. He called me sugar.

This was by far the most reckless thing I’d ever done, but there was no way I was
stopping it now. So even though I knew it wasn’t wise to go somewhere with a complete stranger, I also knew I didn’t want him to know where I lived.

I wanted him to fuck my brains out tonight and then never see him again. And I was determined to get what I wanted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica S
Steamy, funny, must read

Wanting to have a one night stand and end up sleeping with your new step brother. Love this. The instant chemistry and the sort of forbidden trope(even though they didn't know they were step siblings at that time.
Love the writing style and the chemistry between them.
Dying to tell so much more, but i know I hate it when books get spoiled.
But boy are you in for a ride reading this one. Steamy, funny, romantic, sexy, steamy and so much more
Can't wait for the next book to come out

Steamy one night stand turned step-siblings

Jenna feels adrift - she's never been close with her mother, her best friend married her dad, and she's on a break from vet school after struggling through coursework, trying to figure out if she has what it takes to make it. Perfect timing to do something unexpected and have a one night stand with the gorgeous, cocky guy at the end of the bar.
After the next night of sex of her life, she leaves, expecting to never see him again. - until she meets her new step-brother Connor at brunch later that morning.
She tries to keep to their one -night stand rule but suddenly Connor is everywhere and she just can't fight it anymore.
A great continuation of the Breaking the Rules series - Jenna is Travis's daughter and Sadie's best friend. I love how Connor is in it from the beginning, even though he struggles to tell Jenna that. But he fell hard and fast, and continually tried to build up her confidence. It was great to see her arc, going from unsure to confident in herself, enough to realize when Connor wasn't giving her enough in the relationship, and then he worked for it.
The steamy scenes start at the very beginning...

Thank you to the author for an ARC in exchange for a fair review!!

Jenna and Connor

From the start, Jenna and Connor's chemistry is evident. During her break from her studies, Jenna, a veterinary student, decides to have a one-night encounter with a man she met at a bar. Jenna realizes that her one-night stand is her new stepbrother, who has just been discharged from the army. The incredibly natural way these two linked demonstrated that they belonged together. Despite their imperfections and faults, they are able to support and care for each other. He was always taking care of her, and it seemed like he was there for her when she needed him. I really loved their story and can’t wait to read more!

Jennifer Davis
Was a good book. Will read more by this author

I enjoyed this book. Jenna and Connor were hot from the very start. You can feel the chemistry from them both from the beginning. Having a one night stand turns complicated though as they soon discover their parents are married to each other. Seeing them navigate their feelings and what life throws at them made for a good story. I will be reading more from this other in the future.

Step-Sibling Taboo Fun!!

Jenna has been stuck in a rut for a little bit. School hasn’t been the greatest, her love life is pretty non-existent and she’s stuck having brunch with her mom, so why not step out her comfort zone and have a one night stand?
Jenna and Connor were wonderful together! They had instant chemistry and a practically instant connection! I liked how Connor pulled Jenna out of her head and really focused on her and what she wanted, but might not have felt comfortable asking for. I liked how all in Connor was from the start, and how Jenna kept insisting it was just temporary.
For the shorter length of the story, both Jenna and Connor were developed characters, and more than just skin deep.
This was an entertaining story with a touch of taboo with the whole sleeping with your step-sibling thing. Similar to the first story, this book is mostly fluff (or steam) rather than plot. There’s still some plot, but that’s not really the main focus here. If you’d like a book with more plot than steam, I’d recommend checking this author’s other works.
This is the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone, but I do recommend reading the first book before this one because it’s also a fun, entertaining story.

I’m looking forward to Grant and Shannon’s story next!!